Markets: Dallas, Atlanta, Las Vegas

Hello Everybody!

If you did not know, this past month has been very crazy with shows all over the place. We attended the shows in Dallas, Atlanta, and biggest of all Las Vegas. We definitely had an amazing time and wanted to share with you our booths and you will also be able to see some of our new line.

Our goal was to make sure our current and possible customers were happy with the service that we were giving them and to continue to do so even after the the shows. We truly hope that everybody is satisfied with how we were because we had a lot of fun meeting everybody throughout this month. A lot of things were needed and it may have been a little stressful, but to get the satisfying response from our customers, everything seems worth it! Here are some of the photos from our markets/booths! We hope you enjoy them!
*Click on picture to see more photos from our shows. 

For those of you who missed these past shows, be sure to come see us in our next ones. We will definitely announce it closer to when the time comes. Don't forget we are always available at our LA showroom. Come and visit! 

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Hope you all enjoy your weekend!

Comme Toi...